Soala Ajienka

MArch Candidate 2025
BA (Hons) Cantab


Interdisciplinary musings ,
clarified and extended 

The practice of Architecture is a series of questions. The answers we purport are trajectories in reasoning that form the basis of and are influenced by cultural practices. Soala is interested in questions pertaining to Materials and construction, Policy  and Law, labor and heritage. As a Masters’ of Architecture Candidate and Graduate Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), she will be exploring these questions, treading the bounds of architectural practice to engage in interdisciplinary research and practice. 

She completed her Bachelor of Arts in Architecture at the University of Cambridge in England where she first wrote on the implications of the Global Crude Oil Industry on communities of extraction. Soala’s architectural practice spans across geographies, from Lagos, Nigeria with  James Cubitt Architects to London, England with Wright and Wright Architects

Soala’s independent research and experience in the industry have situated her questions and concerns, clarified them and extended them even further.