Play Garden


Think of little children exchanging thoughts between fits of laughter, their feet grazing blades of grass as they play on a sunny day, in a space that is many things to them; a happy place, a place of play, a place for creativity, a place of learning and the foundation for unlocking their vast developmental potential. A report released by the Ethiopian Ministry of Education in 2014 highlighted that only 25% of Ethiopia’s 7.4million children of pre-school age could attend school.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development set out by the United Nations, covers this pressing issue extensively. Goal Number 4 on equitable education, necessitates the creation of sensitive learning spaces that ensure the effective delivery of equitable, quality learning. Our project for Hiddi and Dillu in Ethiopia, aims to build on the foundation the charity Abay Ethiopia have laid, by creating a replicable preschool that prioritises creative and collaborative learning and community development.