Geometric Disciplines 
Massachusetts  Institute of Technology (MIT)
Core I [‘21]

Imagine the fishing net, a single throw as the beginning of a whole series of actions, designed, uncoordinated but premeditated. This body of work, Trawl draws from that language, the physical quality reminiscent of the net, the form remniscent of the intention, the thing to be caught from that single action and density of the net.

Trawl is an essay on the tectonic possibilities of a single material, copper. Weave, coil, sheet, annealed It makes the statement that a materials transformative properties, as movement on a molecular scale can be expressed in the articulation of form and surface.
The simple act of rotating the semicircle 90 degrees in the sphericon allows continuous motion to be possible. Trawl therefore takes its name from the fishing net, a single throw, an initial momentum.