235 Avenido Sete de Setembro

Massachusetts Institute of Technology  
Option Studio [‘23]


This is 235 Avenido Sete de Setembro

An reparative exploration in subverting the centripetal arrangement of space of the panopticon into one of centrifugal social organization. The ground that has been built up in the image of a fortress to site the penitentiary is demystified and carved open to lend itself to the creation of a series avenues dedicated to public leisure and enjoyment.

Today, It is the Raimundo Vidal Pessoa Penitentiary, perched at the edge of the Educandos Igarape in Manaus, Brazil; conceived and sustained as a correctional facility. It sits disused but is still collectively imagined as an antithesis to the culture of the Igarape that persists in the Amazon: "Everyone went with the sole purpose of seeking fun and rest".